Sheet Metal & Acrylic Fabrication and 3D Printing Services

Below are just a few of the main services we provide for creating completely custom sheet metal and acrylic products. Whatever service you need to bring your project to life, we can provide it. Visit our Free Estimate page, or give us a call at (605) 633-9116 to get started on your project.

Precision Laser Cutting of Metal and Acrylic Photo
Laser Cutting
We use Laguna CO2 laser cutters to make precision cust of sheet metal and acrylic. CO2 lasers are perfect tools for engraving your favorite designs in acrylic, thin woods, and numerous other materials.
Metal Stamping Photo
Metal Stamping
Sheet metal stamping involves the use of a stamping press to transform sheet metal into your chosen shape or design. The die surface and the tool use various techniques to work the metal into the desired shape or form.
Welding Photo
Welding is another fabrication process we use to bring your project to life. Welding, simply put, is the fusing together of two items by heat, pressure or both forming a join as the parts cool.
3D Printing Services Photo
We use 3D printing to create your custom, functional prototype or model using a CAD file ... which we can also custom design for your project.
Metal Forming Photo
Metal Forming
We use a press brake to bend sheet metal by lowering a punch onto sheet metal that has been positioned on top of a die. The metal may be bent several times by a press brake until the desired form has been achieved.
Metal Punching Photo
Metal Punching
Sheet metal punching is a cutting process in which material is removed from a piece of sheet metal by applying a great enough shearing force. Punching can be used to produce holes and cutouts of various shapes and sizes.
Finishing Photo
Whether acrylic or metal, we use various machinery, hand-helds, etc., to sand, polish and trim your project to bring it to the final stage of completion.
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